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Музыкант: Taking Dawn

Название аудио: Fight 'Em With Your Rock

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Добавлен: 2014-09-28

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Текст песни:

I'm a renegade razorblade, ready like a hand grenade
Rippin' through your radio dial
I got that gunsmoke smother and there isn't any other
Motherfucker with a side so wild
Don't need the drink or the needle or the ink
All i need's a little fever scratch
I'm just a shot in the dark tryin' to kick a spark
Up in your heart before I burn and crash

All the outlaws are outdated
And the cowboys have all been gunned down

And I don't know where the fire goes
All I know is that you gotta fight 'em with your rock

Takin' back the strip where the sun don't set
And the angels never come out to play
I'm a silver tongue with a poison tip
And the licks to lay your city to waste
Rising from the slaughter so you mothers hide your daughters
'Cuz we love a little runaway
So bang your head, be shred or be dead
'Cuz we're not gonna take it today
No, no, no way

(Burn this mother down) Let's burn it down
(Come on let's burn this fucker down) Oh burn it down
(I said let's burn this mother down) Let's burn it
(Come on say) Burn this motherfucker to the fuckin' ground say

Taking Dawn - Fight 'Em With Your Rock

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