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Музыкант: Lena Horne feat. Q-Tip

Название аудио: I Got Rhythm

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Добавлен: 2014-09-17

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Текст песни:

I got rhythm
I got music
I got my man
Who can ask for anything more?

I got daisies
In green pastures
I got my man
Who can ask for anything more?

I got rhythm ( Got rhythm Got rhythm Got rhythm)
I got I got got I got got rhythm ( One Two Three)

: : Rap : :

Who can dance with us ?
And Who can stand with us?
Look at us tonight we lookin' fabulous
Freshed it up to def' and we just movin'
Out on the town putting on our dance shoes in

One foot in and one foot out
Sexy salsa what's that all about
Well listen
After i take it back time the old schoolin'
Like Lena Horne all them cats was coolin'

I got rhythm
I got, I got got, I got got rhythm

MC will lead but yo know i can't take it
When that young thang like to shake it shake it shake it
When she move forward then she back that things up
And i got a beat on point and live on something
: : Beatboxing: :

: : Brass : :

: : Rap : :

C'mon cause my hood is greasy it ain't easy
But i thought it gonna be a'ight

One, Two, Three
Lady's and gentelman...

: : Lena Horne : :

I got my man
Who can ask for anything more
Who can ask for anything more

Lena Horne feat Q Tip - I Got Rhythm

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