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Музыкант: [®]Kristiania

Название аудио: Would You Be (dPen Remix)

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Добавлен: 2014-10-02

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Текст песни:

Would You Be Lyrics
Let`s Say If We Found Ourselves
in The Following Situation
you And I On A Night Like This
here By The Railway Station
what If I Then Asked You If
if You Wanted To Be Mine?
boy, I`m Just Curious
an Answer Would Be Fine

would You Be
would You Be My Baby?
would You Be
would You Be My Baby?
what Would You Say If I Pop The Question?
would You Be
would You Be My Baby?

i Would Be More Than Happy To
be The One That You Walk With
through The Good Times And The Blue
i Would Be There
and Then Some Sunny Day
we`d Walk Down Memory Lane Together
i Would Be Right By Your Side
into Forever

but I Guess I Will Just Keep On Dreaming
`cause I`m Too Shy


KRISTIANIA - Would you be my baby (Dpen remix)

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